Morgan Walker


February 27, 2012


Souza, Thomas. “Volleyball Injuries.” DACBSP, 1 May 2000. Web. Accessed 27 Feb. 2012 <;

                In this article, it gives a list of the most common injuries that occur in the sport of volleyball. It explains how the offensive maneuvers are the ones most athletes become injured in. For example, spiking and blocking are the highest causes of injury. Another injury factor is what type of surface the players play on which is either concrete or linoleum floor but rarely sand courts. The rest of the article gave seven most common injuries that volleyball players’ experience. It also tells how to prevent them and how to treat the injury.

               This website is a very good source for my research topic because it gives very reliable sources and there all cited at the bottom. The author of this article is named Thomas Souza and from doing further research on him, he has many more reliable blogs posted on sport topics.

               This source would help me out in a tremendous way because it gives the major injuries that volleyball player’s experience. Since my research topic is on volleyball injuries and concussions caused from the game, this is the perfect website to have. This article cleared up all the questions I had on what types of injuries that were most common


I need to start looking for more sources because the deadline is getting pretty close, meaning Thursday! My day of no classes tomorrow will consist of nothing but doing resserch for this paper and nothing else.

I feel like my research is fairly coming along slowly because it takes a while for me to get all the information I need to produce a very good paper. I always take a long time to gather the “right” information.

Morgan Walker

March 16, 2012

ENG 1060

Volleyball Injuries

Cassel, Erin “Report Documentaion Page.” Monash Accident Research Centre, May 2001. Web.16 March 2012<


Summarize: This article I have chosen covers the topic of the most common injuries that occur during the sport of volleyball. It also gives details on how popular the sport actually is by mentioning 800 million people participate in this sport. It explained all the physical features you need to be successful in the sport. It listed power, flexibility, speed, strength, and balance. It explains all the conditioning and training you need to do before and while playing the sport and also the environment the player participates in. Regulating the temperature, having the right fluids and also fluid intake are all monitored. The list of injuries includes ankle, knee, shoulders, fingers and hands. The next section included how to prevent these injuries. For example, to prevent finger injuries, you should use buddy taping or a finger brace until swelling goes down.


Assess: This sources is one of the most helpful and reliable sources I have chosen. It gives very detailed injuries and how they can be prevented. It gives the statistics on how many people play, prevention of injuries, and the epidemiology of the sport. I believe this source is very reliable because I have researched the authors name and it came back with several more sport articles.

Reflect: This source fits in with my research because it gives so much detailed information. It also helps shape my argument because it tells how the injuries can  be prevented as well as being cured.

This article entitled ‘Sick of being Sick, Tired of being Tired’, and it explained how the mom is always so tired after taking care of her two little boys. She talks about how when she puts her son down for a nap, she’s ready for a nap as well. Also when she finally gets one down for bed, the other one wakes right up. This is a good reason why they make day cares and activities for children to attend to give parents a chance to rest and rejuvinate themselves.

I went through other blogs under the topic of Health and found an article ‘Life, Death, and the Dinner Table, and it talked about how after the death of their grandmother, they all came around the dinner table and talked about her and memories so it helped them all together with the grieving process.

The topic I plan on doing my research paper is the sport of volleyball and all the injuries that can occur from it. My initial topic was on softball because that’s what I played almost my entire life and I know a lot about it, but a fellow classmate has chosen  I just moved to my next favorite sport,volleyball. I only played volleyball for four years and they were through high-school. Although I never personally had any major injuries other than a bruise here and there from drilling into the floor, iI have witnessed some pretty brutal falls on the court

When you think of volleyball, you automatically think of it being an aggressive  game with the explosive spikes and the digs. Watching college volleyball will really show you just how aggressive the sport can be. These girls are at least 5’7 and taller with an arm span of four foot. Imagine that coming towards you with full speed and driving the volleyball right by your face, it gets pretty intense. Me being only 5’2 put me in the setters’ position, which most of the time avoided me from getting drilled in the floor by a spiked volleyball.

I viewed a few online sources for common volleyball injuries and there were way more injuries then iI thought there would be. On one page, there were at least  11 including shin splints, rotator cuff tendinopathy, suprascapular neuropathy, etc. I never would have guessed there being so many injuries that extreme. Also further research led me to volleyball players getting concussions from falling on hard floor with hard impact and being hit in the head with a volleyball going full speed. From, it stated that more than 300,000 sports-related traumatic brain injuries occurring the United States every year. They also explained how some of the athletes return to the game too soon. Volleyball had a percentage of 53.1%, while baseball had 55.6%, soccer with 44.9%, and football with 38.2%.

I plan on getting sources from the Internet, sportsmagazines, sports articles, etc